Yeonwoo said, “MOMOLAND, precious career…

Yeonwoo said, “MOMOLAND, precious career…


What does the girl group MOMOLAND mean to actress Yeonwoo?

Yeon-woo played Oh Yeo-jin, the incarnation of desire, in the MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Gold Spoon” (playwright Yoon Eun-kyung, Kim Eun-hee/director Song Hyun-wook, Lee Han-joon/production Samhwa Networks, Studio N).

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Gold Spoon” is a life-adventure story in which a child born in a poor family accidentally gained a golden spoon and became an acquired golden spoon after changing his fate with a friend born in a rich family. 안전놀이터

In the drama, Oh Yeo-jin is a perfect golden spoon with not only a wealthy family but also a bright brain and pretty appearance, but in fact, she is the main character of the twist that stole her friend’s life using a golden spoon. Yeon-woo demonstrated a wide acting spectrum by excelling three-dimensional misguided characters.

Yeon-woo said in an interview with Newsen at 9 Ato Entertainment in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 14, “I was afraid of the viewers’ favorable reviews, so I couldn’t see the reaction well in the beginning. Before the broadcast, he turned on the Instagram live broadcast and said, “Don’t hate Yeojin too much.” “I was scared because the character was a villain in the script,” he confessed.

“I used to feel the feelings of both families when I played Yeo-jin. This friend is so hateful and bad, but somehow I felt sorry and bothered. But I felt good because the viewers seemed to have felt a lot of the emotions I felt,” he added.

When asked, “How did you analyze Oh Yeo-jin’s flow of emotions?” Yeon-woo also said, “In fact, Yeo-jin is a character with the break of love while meeting Seung-cheon. For Yeo-jin, love eventually took the setting of “what you have to have” to the end. He explained, “I think I had a big heart to keep pushing ahead so that I could have it, rather than saying, ‘I love this person, so I have to be considerate and understanding.'”

“Yeojin seemed to feel like a mirror of Seungcheon. There is also a line in Yeojin’s line that says, “There’s only you and I in the world.” I think it was big that aftershock was the only person in life. He is a person who is in the same situation as me, but since he is on a different path from me, aftershocks seem to have been a stimulus to me,” he said.

What kind of love does Yeonwoo actually have? Yeon-woo said, “I think it’s just good if someone likes it. I’ve never liked him first since I was a student. “The character always plays the character he likes first, but I haven’t had such a love since high school,” he confessed.

Yeon-woo played a high-quality kiss scene in this movie. When asked, “How did the fans react?” he said, “The fans seem to think that my kiss scene or kiss scene is just a scene without it. They don’t mention anything to me, they don’t say that they were heartbroken, and they just say, “You did a great job today,” and “You were so pretty today.” I think they understand it’s just work. “It’s been several years since I turned into an actor, so I think you’re adjusting to some extent,” he said with a smile.

Yeon-woo, who debuted as a girl group Momoland in 2016, left the team in 2019 and turned into an actor. His acting career began with MBC’s “The Great Temptation” in 2018. After that, tvN” is cheap He has established himself as an actor of various charms through Channel A’s Touch’, SBS’s ‘Alice’, JTBC’s ‘Live On’, and KBS 2TV’s ‘If you cheat on me, you will die’.

When asked, “What does Momoland mean to Yeon-woo?” he said, “When we had a meeting in the past, a director said, ‘Don’t pretend that (girl group activities) didn’t happen in your life or erase them. Don’t even think about wanting to jump over it,’ he said. It’s actually true. It’s a very precious career in my life, he said. “Rather, I’m proud that I’ve been active as an idol and stood on stage now.” I think that helped me to become an actor. “I don’t think of it in a negative way,” he replied. MOMOLAND

He also said, “I was able to meet my fans through those stages. The fans at that time are still cheering for me. It was a really important time for me,” he added.

Yeonwoo’s real name is Lee Da-bin. Usually, it is common for actors to work under their real names, but Yeon-woo uses the name of her activities when she was a girl group member.

When asked, “Do you have any plans to return to your real name?” Yeon-woo said, “Maybe I will continue to use Yeon-woo. “I don’t want to miss it because it’s the name I got when I first started what I really wanted to do, and it’s the name I used when I met precious people.”

Of course, the real name that my grandfather gave me is also a precious name. However, when I was acting, I just want to be Yeon-woo, he said. “Yeon-woo was the name given to me by the CEO of the agency at the time, and I enjoyed watching ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’ so much that I liked the name.” He also explained, “It’s the name of my favorite soft accent, so I thought it wouldn’t be burdensome to write while acting.”

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