Um Taewoong

You’ll find out later that I’m Um Taewoong’s wife

You’ll find out later that I’m Um Taewoong’s wife Yoon Hyejin, 10 years of friendship

Um Taewoong

Yoon Hye-jin had a pleasant time with her acquaintance.

On the 9th, actress Um Tae-woong’s wife and ballet dancer Yoon Hye-jin posted a video on her YouTube channel “Yoon Hye-jin’s What See TV” titled “Daejeonsa is coming to my sister’s house!! (skin care, old pocha style udon restaurant!”

On this day, Yoon Hye-jin said, “I am going to Daejeon to meet my close sister.” Yoon Hye-jin, who woke up Zion and waited for her husband Um Tae-woong together, said, “Usually husbands wait for their wives, but my house is always upside down.” After waiting 30 minutes only in the car with Zion, he saw Eom Tae-woong outside and said, “I left my wallet again. I’ve been waiting for an hour,” he said with anger.

Then Yoon Hye-jin arrived at her acquaintance’s house. For a while, Yoon Hye-jin showed off her friendship by giving side dishes of perilla leaves that only Ji-on welcomed. He said, “You knew Ji-on even before Superman came back.” One of them was so cute that I saw her and later found out that her mother was Um Tae-woong’s wife, he said. “It’s been almost 10 years since Ji-on is 10 years old.”

Yoon Hye-jin said, “You’ve been a big sister to me even before “Superman”. I left a lot of comments, and I remembered my ID and sent a DM saying that my sister is an aunt who lives in Daejeon, but that her daughter is so pretty, he said. “After communicating for several years, my sister was more happy and happy to come out.”

Yoon Hye-jin also sang a song with Zion to explode her excitement, and at the end of the broadcast, she said to Um Tae-woong, wearing her sunglasses, “Stretch out, please. Oh, I don’t want to see it,” he said, showing off his chemistry as an in-room couple, giving a laugh.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hye-jin married actress Eom Tae-woong in 2013 and has one daughter. He appeared on JTBC’s entertainment show, “Where I Go Back to Me – Haebang Town”

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