Reinforcement of Front Teeth Crown Crackings Crown

Reinforcement of Front Teeth Crown Crackings Crown


There are many factors that make your front teeth look pretty There’s a pretty lip line, and it’s very parallel. Just like the corners of your lips are up or down, your teeth have to be slightly protruded when you look at the smile line from the front

It’s hard to see the natural length when it’s based on the lips. It’s not up to the standard. But I can’t keep it because the bones of the maids and the muscles are different. But depending on how you use it, it can change the shape of the teeth

If you make a face with a partially notified tooth tray, you can’t smoke until your molars. You have to imagine it at home quickly. There could be errors, and because of communication problems between the dentist and the contractor, the prosthesis might get weird I pray that what can affect it is that it always completes other problems, but educational problems can also limit the conversation

Of course, it’s a panorama, so I can’t forget the three-dimensional thing. But I remember that you didn’t like the amount of the smile line. Your front teeth are flat and it goes up. If you show them, of course 시알리스 판매

It feels like your front teeth are short. The upper teeth are not hot. So, you can see that the relationship between the long axis and the explosion is almost one-on-one. You used to have scrap metal. So, I think there was a bit of educational material

In principle, it’s good to make each single crown into individual crowns for the patient’s gum health and naturalness, but as you get older with educational factors, you make your front teeth fall off, so I call it sprint And looking at it, and then it affects the shape, and so does the major axis, and so does the proportions like this

Zirconia can be physically handled and maintained so that this gap doesn’t widen, so that the forces that are applied keep cooperating with each other like trees, so that if you look at the prosthesis for the first time, you’ll see that it’s much more natural without professional knowledge

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