A penalty for neglecting illegal filming… ‘Prevention law’

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) announced on the 10th that it has completed the enactment and revision of enforcement ordinances and related notices in line with the implementation of the revision of the Telecommunications Business Act and the Information and Communication Network Act, which is called the “N Number Bang Prevention Act.”

The revised Telecommunications Business Act, the Enforcement Decree of the same Act as the Information and Communication Network Act, and related notices include expanding the subjects who can request the deletion of illegal photographs and strengthening punishment for non-execution of blocking measures.

In addition to ordinary users, the Korea Women’s Human Rights Promotion Agency, the Sexual Violence Victims Counseling Center, and other organizations set by the KCC can request Internet operators to delete and block access to illegal filming materials.

If the deletion or connection blocking measures for illegal filming are not implemented intentionally, the penalty shall be imposed within 3% of sales according to the seriousness of the violation.

For those who provide social network service (SNS), community, chat room, Internet personal broadcasting, and search services among businesses with daily average users of more than 100,000 or annual sales of more than 1 billion won, the head of the department in charge should be designated as the person in charge of preventing distribution of illegal filming materials and submitted a transparency report to the KCC every year.

From the end of next year, technical measures such as restrictions on transmission of search results and filtering should be implemented to prevent the distribution of illegal filming materials in advance.

In order to settle the revised law early, the KCC is distributing official documents to organizations and organizations requesting reporting and deletion of illegal filming materials, checking whether the obligatory businesses are designated as responsible for preventing distribution of illegal filming materials, and distributing guidelines related to submitting transparency reports.

Han Sang-hyuk, chairman of the committee, said, “We will make efforts to quickly rescue victims suffering from illegal filming by smoothly pushing for follow-up measures following the implementation of the revised law.”

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