HMM, emergency delivery of 6th temporary ship in 10 days

HMM announced on the 10th that it urgently introduced its sixth temporary ship 10 days after it deployed its fifth temporary ship to transport export cargo to the U.S. by Korean companies.

The “HMM Forward,” a 4,600-TEU container ship that is scheduled to depart from the HPNT (HMM Busan New Port Terminal) in Busan on the same day, will depart with 3,900 TEU of cargo and arrive at LA port on the 21st.

HMM has deployed more than one temporary ship every month since last August. A total of five ships were deployed by the 30th of last month, and the company plans to deploy another temporary ship at the end of the month following the 10th this month.

About 55 percent of the total 3,900 TEU cargo shipped on the temporary ship was filled with cargo from mid-sized and small-sized companies. According to HMM, Company A safely shipped 180TEU of frozen cargo, which could not be shipped due to lack of container boxes, to HMM temporary ships, while Company B completed shipment of 40TEU of special cargo (OOG, Out of Gauge Cargo), which is shunned by foreign shipping companies due to lack of shipping.

An HMM official said, “Continuous temporary ship injection is expected to be of great help to domestic shippers who are suffering from export disruptions,” adding, 먹튀사이트 “As a representative national carrier, we will take responsibility and make utmost efforts to ensure that cargo from exporters can be transported without a hitch.”

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