Basic information of the sweet and delicious fruit “Mango”


A fruit mango that goes smoothly and sweetly. With the development of transportation, we can meet at the supermarket now. Mango is popular enough to be released as ice cream and beverage.

1. Basic Information
· How to Buy: Dark yellow with strong fragrance is good.
· Similar ingredients: Apple mango (Jeju Mountain is a red mango like an apple and boasts excellent taste and aroma to the extent that it is called the queen of tropical fruits.)
· Storage temperature: 10 to 15°C
· Storage date: 7 days
· Storage method: Wash thoroughly and store at room temperature.
· Trim: Wash thoroughly and peel.
· Acid characteristics and other information: Although it grows well in any soil, it can bear a lot of fruit only in places where there is a distinct dry season to stimulate fruit production.

2. Information on ingestion
· How to eat: You can eat it raw, made of juice, canned food, jelly, put it in ice cream, or dry it.
· Coronation Food Information: Milk (with mango and milk) is a good combination because it takes beta carotene of mango, protein of milk, and fat at the same time.) 토토커뮤니티
· Diet: It contains a lot of carbohydrate sugar, so it is recommended to avoid excessive intake when dieting.

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