Let’s find out the effect of facial massage

Facial massage gives the skin fresh tension and elasticity to prevent stretching or wrinkles. By diluting essential oil and carrier oil suitable for skin type, inhaling scents while gently massaging with fingertips can not only achieve skin elasticity but also mental relaxation effect.

Facial massage can also gently relax rigid facial muscles, making them energetic. It can also help strengthen skin resistance by nourishing skin and activating tissue.

The face has an active distribution of blood vessels, nerves, lymph nodes, and so on, all the flow of these organs converge around the ears and passes by the neck. Therefore, it is effective to massage with the flow of blood vessels, nerves, and muscles. Massage, gently moving the fingertips from the inside to the outside of the face and from the bottom to the top.

After washing your face, apply a certain amount of oil all over your face. If you think you’ve put too much oil on your neck, chest, and arms, apply it and massage your face. It is even better to massage both ears with oil-stained hands. Massaging the ears can be very helpful for your health because the body’s various organs are stimulated. You can refer to a picture of the nerves in each organ of the body distributed in the ear, but it is effective to massage the entire ear, regardless of the area.

After the massage, do not wipe it off immediately, but leave it until the morning so that the oil’s ingredients slowly permeate the skin. If you don’t want any oil left, wipe it lightly with tissue paper.

However, you must wash off the remaining oil on your face before going out the next day. Be careful as the oil components on your skin are exposed to sunlight as they are, which can cause photogenic reactions or cause skin problems such as freckles.

When massaging, the dilution concentration of oil shall not exceed 0.5%. In particular, strong-scented rose etc. are combined with less concentration.

• 2 drops of neutral skin ┃Frankinsense + 2 drops of geranium + 1 drop of jasmine + 5 drops of lavender + 100 ml of jojoba oil (sweet almond oil)
• 4 drops of chamomile + 2 drops of rose + 4 drops of sandalwood + 100 ml of jojoba oil (abokado oil)
• 3 drops of oily skin ciderwood + 2 drops of ilangilang + 5 drops of lemon + 100 ml of jojoba oil (grape seed oil) 비아그라구매
• 5 drops of sensitive skin, 5 drops of monocamomile + 3 drops of nerori + 2 drops of lavender + 100 ml of jojoba oil

The above recipe is based on 5ml use per day, so you can use it for 20 days.

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