Acapella’s first broadcast D-DAY Hyungdon vs Lee Hochul’s

Acapella’s first broadcast D-DAY Hyungdon vs Lee Hochul’s down payment battle


With MBC’s new entertainment show “Akcapella” set to air for the first time today (2nd), Jung Hyung-don and Lee Ho-chul were seen fighting in front of a bundle of money.

“Akcapella,” which will debut at 10 p.m. on the same day, is a music entertainment show featuring the heart-beating a cappella challenge of Korea’s top villains. Although the pitch is unstable, the a cappella group “Doremipa” will embark on a struggling music journey. “Acapella” introduced three viewing points along with a steal from the down payment betting site.

#1 Oh Dae-hwan → Dunmills, Seven Do-re-mi-fa, Best Twist in 2022

Actor Kim Joon-bae, Oh Dae-hwan, Lee Joong-ok, Hyun Bong-sik, Lee Ho-chul, Choi Young-woo, and Dunmills’ a cappella organization called “Do Re Mi-pa” drew hot attention for their acting and life imprisonment. The 60-day challenge of dreaming of image washing through a cappella is expected to provide the best turnaround in 2022. It is said that they showed their pure passion and devoted themselves to 24 hours of practice besides filming. It is expected that the genre a cappella, which can only be completed with colleagues, will discover the hidden charm of those who were hidden behind the mask of villains.

#2 Manager Jeong Hyeongdon X Defconn, strong supporter of “Acapella”

The joining of manager Jeong Hyeong-don and Defconn is invigorating. In the highlight video released earlier, he was seen praying desperately like a parent who sent a child on stage, drawing a smile. As beginners of entertainment, they will join the seven strong supporters of “Doremipa,” which shows the fun of raw food and fresh chemistry, and complete the a cappella version of “Sourside Squad.” The a cappella, which combines unique notes to form a harmony, is similar to the narrative that will be drawn by “Doremipa” and managers, stimulating curiosity.

#3 Jeong Hyeong-don’s proposal for a down payment. A fierce singing battle for the ace position

Steel, which was released together, raises expectations for a fresh chemistry. Manager Jeong Hyeong-don appeared with a bundle of money filled with 1,000 won bills. It scatters it all over the world and puts out “betting” as a condition of the contract. Each member will take turns singing, and the deposit will be paid differently according to his or her skills. The heat of those who surpass idol auditions is not enough to heat up the scene, and all kinds of martial arts are unfolded. It makes me wait for the first episode to show the fun of raw things

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