an alcoholic liver disease We’re going to talk about

an alcoholic liver disease


We’re going to talk about alcohol liver disease, but it’s safe to drink soju a day. Two glasses of soju for men, two bottles for women, less than two bottles for men, and one bottle for women. It says it’s safe However, in Korea’s drinking culture, it is difficult to keep the safe line and drink alcohol

Regardless of age or gender, there’s an argument that you’re born with, so you can spend it better because you’re young or because you’re a man. I’m not saying that if you drink more than you can break it down, you end up with no business in front of alcohol

Then can you cure this alcoholic liver disease just by quitting drinking? If you drink a lot, it can spread to cirrhosis liver cancer, so it’s a very scary disease No, if you have an advanced alcoholic liver disease, quitting drinking doesn’t mean you’ll lose the disease 비아그라파는곳

However, it is always helpful to reduce or turn off numbers at any stage because it can prevent them from getting worse or worse Then lastly, what are some things that can help your liver function even during this week?

If you build muscles, you can talk about fat build-up in the liver, you can get money for antioxidants, and you can also relieve the burden because the muscles can handle waste If you think that you should do one more thing for your liver, I hope you can build muscles through weight training

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