Kim Hasung

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Hasung will bring…

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Hasung will bring windfall and San Diego’s Japanese special pitcher

Kim Hasung

“San Diego brought another good fortune”

The San Diego Padres’ recruitment of Kim Hasung (27), the KBO League’s best shortstop ahead of the 2021 season, already seems to be a “success.”

The U.S. “San Diego Union-Tribune” raised the possibility of bringing Japan’s top right-hander Senga Godai, who is seeking to advance to the Major League, listing cases of San Diego’s success by recruiting Asian players on the 17th (Korea Standard Time).

“San Diego Union-Tribune” said about San Diego’s possibility of recruiting Senga, “We need to pay attention to San Diego, who is good at scouting the Pacific Rim,” adding, “Senga is preparing to enter the Major League with 10.3 strikeouts per nine innings along with a fastball in the mid-90s.” He is a right-handed pitcher with a 1.94 ERA in Softbank this year, and he has a 2.59 ERA over 11 years,” he said, shedding light on Senga’s performance as a special ace in Japanese professional baseball.

In the past, San Diego had many connections with Asian players. San Diego bought the contract right of Japanese fastball pitcher Hideki Irabu from the Chiba Lotte Marines in 1997, but Irabu refused to do so and eventually proceeded with the trade to the New York Yankees. At that time, Rafael Medina was one of the promising players from the Yankees. San Diego recruited Kevin Brown of the Florida Marlins (now the Miami Marlins) as a trade in December 1997 and used Medina as a trade card. The media recalled, “It’s a trade that led San Diego to advance to the 1998 World Series.”

San Diego head A.J. Freler also has deep connections with Asian players. He played a major role in recruiting Darvish Yu when he was in the Texas Rangers scouting department in 2012, and he was reunited when he brought Darvish to San Diego last year as a trade. Prior to this season, Preller also strengthened the bullpen by recruiting Robert Suarez and Nick Martinez from Japanese professional baseball.

On top of that, Kim Ha-sung, who was recruited from Korea, is also considered a successful scouting work by Prehler. “San Diego brought another windfall through the Pacific Rim scout,” said “San Diego Union-Tribune,” adding, “President Peller signed a four-year contract with Kim Hasung, a Korean star player, in 2021, and Kim Ha-sung played shortstop and saved San Diego from the crisis.”

A series of successful Asian scouts. Attention is focusing on whether this will be a stepping stone for San Diego to recruit Senga.

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