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Mega Coffee, 4 types of stick coffee are released…

Mega Coffee, 4 types of stick coffee are released…”It’s big and simple”

Mega Coffee

Mega Coffee announced on the 17th that it has released four types of “Mega MGC Stick” to meet the needs and tastes of various consumers.

Mega MGC Stick Coffee was designed in line with the trend of home cafes and healthy leisure with “Original Americano,” “Decaffeinated Americano,” “Stevia Mix Coffee” and “Stevia Decaffeinated Mix Coffee.”

The original Americano embodies a balanced Americano taste by combining the deep flavor of Yegachev’s beans, the sweetness of white chocolate, and a rich body. Decaffeinated Americano boasts a harmonious taste with the unique acidity and sweetness of Brazilian beans. Both products are optimized for large 20-ounce tumblers, making them perfect for consumers who want to enjoy plenty of coffee with a cup a day. In particular, decaffeinated Americano is perfect for pregnant women and teenagers who are sensitive to caffeine, as well as consumers who want to reduce caffeine intake for their health.

Stevia Mix Coffee and Stevia Decaffeinated Mix Coffee are perfect coffee for consumers who need sugar filling, but are concerned about sugar intake, and for consumers who want to add happiness with sweetness without burden. Stevia, which is in the spotlight as a natural sweetener, not only helps suppress blood sugar rise and weight gain, but also enhances the original taste of sweet latte with prima containing non-fat milk.

Mega Coffee will hold a promotion to provide discount coupons for two weeks from the day to the 30th to commemorate the launch of Mega MGC Stick. Only four types of Mega MGC sticks can receive a 500 won discount coupon from the Mega MGC coffee application.

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