Attracted by Pittsburgh’s sleepless night, Park Hyo-joon’s hip strike

Attracted by Pittsburgh’s sleepless night, Park Hyo-joon’s hip strike, Otani’s batting form and 100 percent synchronization.


Pittsburgh is in a frenzy with Park Hyo-joon (Pittsburg Pirates’s Pirates) batting form.

When he hit his first home run in the Major League against the St. Louis Cardinals on the 11th (Korea time), not only his fans but also media outlets analyzed his batting form.

Some people were enthusiastic about Park Hyo-joon’s hitting form, saying that his striking form resembles that of Otani Shohei (LA Angels).

In fact, the two strike forms are very similar.

They minimize leg kicks, secure the lower body, and open their shoulders when the ball comes to the body and pull it with an upper wong.

Park Hyo-joon’s home run came out like this.

This is why Park Hyo-joon can be a slugger like Otani.

“simple and smooth.” high praise for the form of Park Hyo Joon. coach Pittsburgh DJ swelteon

Dayan Kovasevich, a columnist and host of the DK Pittsburgh sports podcast, is a baseball expert who is fascinated by Park Hyo-joon’s batting form.

He also asked Park Hyo-joon directly at a press conference after the match. He asked, “Did you add anything to your batting form to give strength to the strike?”

Park Hyo-joon’s batting form was then described in detail in his podcast program.

He analyzed that Park Hyo-joon’s hitting is characterized by his hips.

Park Hyo-joon does not move his upper body at all. There is no movement of shoulders, jaws, arms, etc. Even the bat doesn’t shake. He’s just moving his hips.

It uses the rotational force of the hips at the moment of hitting.

He also said that Korean and Japanese players enjoy using the hitting form using their hips.

Meanwhile, some predicted that Park Hyo-joon’s strong strike will at some point slow down due to the adjustment phase 안전놀이터

This is because Park Hyo-joon is unfamiliar now, but if his strengths and weaknesses are identified, he will dig into his weaknesses.

Attention is focusing on whether Park Hyo-joon will overcome this and grow into a slugger like Otani.

Pittsburgh is having a sleepless night.

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