Breast cancer in your 60s If you have pain in your left armpit arm

Breast cancer in your 60s If you have pain in your left armpit arm


Q: I’m a woman in my early 60s. I’ve had pain around my left armpit since two days ago.

I have pain under my left arm yesterday and today. Severe pain is repeated every two or three seconds. If you raise your arm up, it seems to hurt less.

Three months ago, I sometimes had numbness in my fingertips when I woke up. On the left or right, some days, numbness appeared on both sides.

When I lay on my left side, I felt my heart pounding. I felt uncomfortable because I felt pressed.

A month ago, I had some symptoms of bladder inflammation. I didn’t take any medicine. The urine smell is different from usual and has a sense of urine.

I always feel phlegm stuck in my throat. I feel stuffy because I think there’s something stuck around my Adam’s apple.

Tears well up in my eyes. When I see the bright light, my eyes get so cold and my eyesight got very bad 비아그라 추천

A: You should get a breast cancer test first. Additional breast ultrasound after mammography can help determine the cause of armpit pain. Breast cancer tests can be taken by visiting a nearby breast surgeon.

Neck discomfort can also be found in breast surgery with cervical ultrasound. The rest of the symptoms are recommended to see an eye doctor for close internal medicine and eye-related diseases.

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