Immediately after menstruation uvial swelling sanitary pads

Immediately after menstruation uvial swelling sanitary pads physiological blood contact dermatitis


Q: I’m a woman in her 20s. At the end of menstruation, the area around the entrance of the vernum suddenly swells red and hurts. It’s been two days. Is it dermatitis?

I don’t have any symptoms when I pee. There is swelling near the noise order.

I think it’s because my skin is dry, so I’m applying moisturizing cream on the outer corner. It’s not venereal disease, is it’ It’s gonna be okay, right?

A: If the outer part swells up at the end of your period, it is likely to be sanitary pads or physiological blood contact dermatitis. Symptoms can also occur in infections such as Candida inflammation. If the noise sequence is enlarged or stretched, it can cause poor ventilation and inflammation due to secretion.

As it can occur due to various causes, you need to visit the gynecologist for an examination to know the exact name of the disease.

There are not many cases where STDs occur just from the symptoms of swelling in the noise sequence. Don’t worry about it and get a doctor.

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