BTS Jimin fans

BTS Jimin fans, good influence → Creating an exemplary donation culture.

BTS Jimin fans, good influence → Creating an exemplary donation culture.”That singer and that fan.”

BTS Jimin fans

BTS Jimin fans are leading an exemplary fandom donation culture by continuously implementing donation projects that have inherited good influence.

Indonesian fans celebrated Jimin’s birthday (October 13) and donated a total of 200 trees through Lindungihutan, a fundraising organization that supports forestation activities.

Indonesian fans have practiced planting 8,735 mangrove trees in 2020 and 15,000 mangrove trees in 2021 to create a mangrove forest that serves as a natural shield for coastal disasters to commemorate Jimin’s birthday, and are taking the lead in protecting nature with a project that has continued for three years.

Local fans have also stepped up for victims who have recently been severely damaged by typhoon wings called “Paeng” in the Philippines. Philippine fans said through the charity Caritas Manila that they will deliver donations in Jimin’s name on October 31, when the fundraising project is closed.

In addition, 300 life jackets were donated to students in Quang Ngai as part of a charity project, Bookshelf, to protect students from drowning caused by storms and floods in central Vietnam every year.

Earlier, Vietnamese fans said, “I was inspired by Jimin, one of Korea’s best artists who share affection with talented and noble hearts,” and are also striving to foster future talent by delivering scholarships to 15 local students in difficult circumstances.

Asian fans also said, “Children should always be loved and well supported because they are our future,” expressing that they were inspired by Jimin, who is kind and kind, and announced that they will provide tuition and food expenses for two Vietnamese children for a year as the 13th donation project to commemorating Jimin’s birthday.

He then delivered a special love for Jimin through the donation of Life Drops, which is donated monthly to the National Kidney Foundation in Singapore in the name of Jimin to support the patient. 안전놀이터

October, as well as the 13th, the birthday of Jimin, is the most precious month of the year, and through the month-long Jimin+October festival, the warm donation news that forms a wave of good influence across borders, races, and language barriers until the last day of the 31st impressed fans.

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