Cho Yo-jung

Cho Yo-jung and Ok Joo-hyun’s thoughts are incredible

Cho Yo-jung and Ok Joo-hyun’s thoughts are incredible until the night you put up your wake-up call yourself

Cho Yo-jung

Singer and musical actor Ok Joo-hyun expressed his gratitude for his close friend Cho Yeo-jung.

Ok Joo-hyun said on the 19th, “It was thanks to my friend Cho Yo-jung that I was able to catch the train to Elizabeth Daegu without missing it.” and Cho Yo-jung directly called home.

He then showed off his muffler in a video, saying, “As soon as I saw it, I remembered and bought it right away.” Here, Ok Joo-hyun said, “My friend’s touching present. “My fairy,” he said, expressing affection to his friend.

Ok Joo-hyun also said, “This gift is really touching. For me, who fits the night well, I peeled the chestnut one by one and put it to sleep. He tagged Cho Yeo-jung, saying, “Thank you for the first performance of Elisabeth in Daegu on Friday after inhaling all of that as a meal.” A heartfelt gift for a friend evokes warmth

Ok Joo-hyun also expressed his gratitude. He said, “I’m grateful for the hearts and times that people who care about me write to me, so I want to respond and do something for you. I can’t afford it because I’m stuck in the creative cotton candy machine. But I believe it will be born sweet,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Ok Joo-hyun plays Elizabeth in the musical “Elizabeth.” He is set to star as Antoni Brentano in the musical Beethoven, which opens next January

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