Conspiracy tickle. Any signs of toiletries?

Conspiracy tickle. Any signs of toiletries? (After a relationship with another man)


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. I have a boyfriend, and I accidentally had sex with another man after drinking a few weeks ago. Since then, there have been symptoms of conspiracy tickling.

I searched on the Internet and they said it was because of vaginitis or toiletries.(I’ve been diagnosed with vaginitis and prescribed medication in the past.)

I scratched the plot because it was itchy, but the white dead skin cells fell off.

If the toiletries are right, I can transfer it to someone else, so I’m currently refusing my boyfriend’s request for bed. Can’t I treat it without going to the hospital?

A: If a bug is found in a conspiracy, diagnose it as a four-sided tooth. It’s not easy to find the bug. There is a possibility of seborrhous dermatitis. Don’t worry and visit the gynecologist or dermatologist for medical treatment.

Toiletries sometimes have no symptoms, but usually complain of conspiracy tickling. There is a 90 percent chance that a man with a single sexual intercourse will be infected. The probability that these people have another STD is over 30% 비아그라효과

Since it is not clear whether the other man has toiletries or is infected, I recommend you visit the hospital for prevention and treatment purposes.

How to deal with a quadrant infection

1. Remove both intrigue and abdominal hair with a clean razor.

2. Disinfect all bedding, underwear, towels, clothes, etc.

3. Go to the hospital and apply ointment and lotion locally.

4. If the symptoms have not been alleviated even after a week of treatment, visit the hospital again for treatment.

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