Do I Need Molar Treatment? In the case of babies

Do I Need Molar Treatment?


In the case of babies, they fall out at the age of six, so parents sometimes think that they don’t need to get their names fixed because their molars fall out quickly It’s absolutely wrong, and it’s reported that even if it falls out in advance or before permanent teeth come out, it doesn’t affect teeth or anything like that

But molars started to fall out until 145th grade, but if you fall out of elementary school, the problem is that you always have the strength to fall down, so I told you that you go to permanent molars when you’re 6 years old

You will collapse into the empty space that your molars pulled out It’s a space for small molars to come out in Yeonggu-chi under the place where the molars are located, but I can tell you that the molars will take up space in the future, so when the molars come out, it’s a place where you don’

I guess it’s just overlapping in a crooked way. It’s happening It’s not genetic, but it’s acquired because she can’t take care of herself 비아그라 구입

If you don’t do orthodontic surgery in the future, regardless of the cost of orthodontic surgery, you’ll have difficult conditions to brush your teeth, and if you don’t brush your teeth, you’ll usually pull them out faster than normal teeth

Because of all the bad things that happen, if you have to get the exact location, you get the dental clinic, and so on, you have to roll up the space through what’s usually called a space-keeping device, and then you have to add an extra device to make your parents fall down

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