Earache from Natural Whaling A man in his early 20s

Earache from Natural Whaling


Q: A man in his early 20s who didn’t whaling. I’ve tried natural whaling several times, and I’ve tried reclining the poppy when I get an erection, but the poppy ball is smaller than the erectional genitals, so I can’t recline any more. The outwardly exposed ear tofu was smaller in diameter than a 50-won coin. The size of the poppigu is larger than the genitalia, so it is tilted back. It’s like the genitalia of a man who had a whaling operation because it was hung on his ear so that he wouldn’t come back even if he let go of his hand. The problem is that if you get an erection while leaning, the poppigoo tightens and the pain is very severe.

I had sex for the first time yesterday while I was covering Poppy again. In the process of inserting, the poppy was tilted back. When I took out my penis, it was completely bent back. There was no pain due to tightening as before. Since then, 12 hours have passed since then, my ear scalp has been bent to reveal itself. Am I completely natural whaling now?

There’s something that seems to be swollen at the back of the genitalia, and I’m also very curious about what it is and whether it’s shaped like this because the natural whaling didn’t work properly. The ear lice is exposed like this, so it hurts a lot when you brush your underwear and it feels like your ear lice is still bloodshot. Can I leave it like this?

A: We need to get it back to normal. Otherwise, it will be poured under pressure.

If it’s hard to get it back, you should visit the urologist and treat it as soon as possible. I have to do a whaling operation.

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