Adults in their 20s, frequent dreams, every 15 days

Adults in their 20s, frequent dreams, every 15 days


Q: I first masturbated in middle school. I did it once a week often. Since I was in 2nd and 3rd grade in high school, I decided to reduce my self-defense and tried to do it only two or three times a month, but the racy thoughts got worse. I thought I was a pervert.

After joining the army, I found out that there was something wrong with my body. It means that most people don’t pee often and don’t dream often.

I had 13 dreams in a month after I was deployed to the army. It came out on its own even when I was awake.

The current symptoms are as follows:

1. The dream cycle is about 15 days, and at least the amount of semen comes out.

2. I often sleep on my stomach or sleep for a long time.

3. Even if you don’t see anything racy, your genitals will be stimulated, so you can feel it even if you touch it a little bit.

4. It doesn’t mean it comes out well just because of circumstances. The semen in the body comes out for one to two days when you pee 비아그라 파는곳

Is it a serious symptom? Should I be treated?

A: Sperm and prostate fluids account for more than 95%, and sperm accounts for 1 to 5%. Frequent dreams will heal themselves over time.

There’s nothing wrong with my body even if I do it once or twice a week. Frequent circumstances are due to the dissonance of the autonomous nerves. It is most important to take it easy and have confidence in your body. Don’t worry.

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