Early symptoms of colorectal cancer If you have frequent hemorrhoids

Early symptoms of colorectal cancer If you have frequent hemorrhoids


There are many people who are worried that if the hemorrhoids are old, they might get colon cancer. Of course, the early symptoms of hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer look similar in that there is bleeding during bowel movements. But hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer are not directly related. However, if hemorrhoids suddenly appear or worsen, it may be a symptom of rectal cancer, a type of colon cancer. Because as rectal cancer grows, it can cause concern around the anus. In this case, it is recommended to check accurately through an examination.

Hemorrhoids are diseases that occur in the anus. Anus diseases such as hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids are collectively called hemorrhoids. Most of the diseases we usually call hemorrhoids are drunk. The veins around the hemorrhoid anus swelled and stretched due to our fever, the mucous membrane of the anus is torn, pus or feces are leaking due to pus in the anus or rectum, hemorrhoids show symptoms such as itching, pain, discomfort, feces, and kimbap, but depending on the degree, bleeding and love symptoms are shown. A noticeable symptom of hemodialysis or colon cancer is hemodialysis, which is different from colon cancer due to hemodialysis and hemorrhoids.

Colorectal cancer flows through the anus or produces dark red rain as the cancer progresses, but hemorrhoids are different in that they are blood stool mixed with red blood. In the case of bowel and colon cancer, there are changes in bowel habits. Changes in bowel habits such as sudden difficulty in defecating or changing the number of times you see stars For example, if your bowel habits have changed, such as diarrhea for a few days and suddenly constipation, you may suspect early symptoms of colon cancer. You also see bright red, dark red blood stool, sticky mucus stool, thinner stool than before. Other symptoms include weight loss, muscle strength loss, and rapid fatigue.

Feces are the simplest and most important indicator of our physical health every day. Therefore, it is important to check your bowel habits. It also appears in rectal cancer, which is the main symptom of rectal cancer hemorrhoids, which means that you feel uncomfortable when defecating and that you still have bleeding stools, so it’s important to get tested when you see these symptoms. It’s because there are times when you think it’s hemorrhoids by guessing what’s happening or what’s happening in the anus, or when you treat 70,000 and find cancer late even though you have rectal cancer and constitution. When blood stool comes out, it is often thought of as hemorrhoids and left unattended, but there are many cases where it is diagnosed as colon cancer.

Therefore, if there is a change in bowel habits, such as sending blood stool, it is necessary to consult a specialist and get a colon cancer test. If you suspect hemorrhoids, especially those who have heredity of colon cancer, you must take a cancer test. If you have the following symptoms along with haemorrhoids, such as bloody stool, you must have a colonoscopy. If there is a colon cancer patient in the family, he/she is 35 years of age or older, and if he/she has polyp in the case of eating meat-oriented meals.

If the black stool is thin and mucus is mixed, constipation is repeated, and one symptom lasts for a long time. According to the National Cancer Registration Statistics released in December 2020, 265,291 people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer and are currently being treated or cured as of 2018. There are 27,9009 new cases, nearly 30,000 new cases every year. As eating habits become more westernized, the incidence of colon cancer is also increasing as meat intake increases and fiber vitamins are insufficient.

However, colon cancer can be cured more than 90% through early detection by regular colonoscopy according to the national cancer screening recommendations. Colorectal cancer, like leg men, has no symptoms in the early stages, so it is often found accidentally during medical checkups. Therefore, even if there are no major symptoms, it is recommended to perform colonoscopy at the recommended time by the country.

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