Eye nutritional supplements (Omega-3 lutein zeaxanthin vitamin A B C)

Eye nutritional supplements (Omega-3 lutein zeaxanthin vitamin A B C)


I’ll tell you about the nutrients you need for your eyes and the recommended intake I can tell you that I hope that it will help you a lot when you take nutritional supplements First of all, Omega-3 helps dry eyes, and if you look at the instructions, it’s called epa-dha It’s Omega-3. It’s a nutrient that helps your eyes stay moist Last time, I talked about My Bom’s gland because the IPL effect was comfortable, and the My Bom’s glands secrete oil

I can say that it helps not to dry up your tears quicklyThe ingredient in the fat layer is omega-3 So it strengthens the fat layer of the omega-3 tears so that the tears don’t dry up quickly and helps prevent or treat dry eyes The recommended daily dose is 500 to 2000 mg, which is equivalent to eating fish twice a week

Then there’s vitamin A, which helps with blindness I’m famous for what’s called eye vitamins, and I can say they play an important role in vision, which helps maintain night vision Besides that, it strengthens your immune system Recommended daily intake is high in the absence of 600 to 750 micrograms of eye nutrition vitamin a vitamin A

Because it’s usually taken through a normal diet of vitamin A, and if it’s taken enough, it accumulates in the body and causes side effects It’s okay if you don’t usually have vitamin A, but if you need vitamin A, you can get a prescription from your doctor and take an appropriate amount Next vitamin B vitamin B for people who are tired of the eyes is good. Isn’t it an age when the eyes are being overworked? We need eyes I read a lot of these comments and vitamin B works for those who are tired of work and those who are tired

Vitamin B2 helps prevent corneal clots and cataracts, and it helps restore the fatigue of vitamin B6 eyes, both of which are recommended daily doses of 12 rewards Eye nutritional supplements. Usually, vitamin B2B6 comes with it, because if you take it together for two days, the effect will increase, so the effect will improve Next, vitamin C. It prevents cataracts

Most people in their 50s and older have cataracts, and it’s a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent vitamin C cataracts, and so it’s a role that prevents aging

The recommended daily intake (take) is 100 mg, but the upper limit is 2000 mg. It contains 5 times as much as 500 mg. However, if you take vitamin C, please be careful not to take it too much because it can cause heartburn, stomachache, or diarrhea 정품비아그라

Finally, important lutein and zia xanthin can be said to play an important role in the health of the macula or retina Lutein azantin is an important part of the focus when light goes into the eyes of the macula, but it’s a little yellow

It’s called macula. It’s called maculaIt’s made up of lutein azantin, and as you get older, the pigment in the macula decreases, and if you’re over 560s, it’s only half of your 20s, so you can’t produce it on your own, so you have to supplement it with food or nutrition The recommended daily intake (dose) for preventing macular degeneration is 10 to 20 mg for lutein and 5 to 5 mg for ziazanthin You can say that you should take the right amount according to the recommended daily intake It’s not good to have too much of this

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