G-Dragon Departures from Paris Airport Fashion Total Price

G-Dragon Departures from Paris Airport Fashion Total Price 12.7 Million won


The price of G-Dragon’s airport fashion item, the representative fashionista in the entertainment industry, has been unveiled.

Mnet’s entertainment program “TMI News” released the results of the “Star in Expensive Plain Clothes” chart on the 11th.

G-Dragon was ranked fourth on the chart. “TMI News” paid attention to G-Dragon’s airport fashion when he left for Paris last year to attend a fashion show for a luxury brand that was active as an ambassador.

TMI News said that among G-Dragon’s airport fashion items, vintage air jumpers cost about 1.15 million won and jeans cost about 1.94 million won.

In addition, the loafers said it costs about 450,000 won, sunglasses about 600,000 won, and brooches coordinated with air jumpers cost about 700,000 won. In addition, it introduced that the women’s quilty chain bag on their shoulders costs about 7.9 million won 광주호빠

TMI News reported that the total price of the items G-Dragon wore when he left for Paris was about 12.7 million won.

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