Preparing for pregnancy during dental neurological treatment

Preparing for pregnancy during dental neurological treatment (molar pain)


Q: I’m a woman in her 20s. I went to the dentist for severe molar pain during pregnancy preparation and received neurological treatment.

I do ovulation test every day. Currently, it is before ovulation and there is no possibility of pregnancy, but the menstrual cycle is not constant because of miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) last month.

I’m planning to get pregnant and I don’t have contraception, so there may be a chance of pregnancy.

I hesitated to get treatment at the dentist’s office, but I couldn’t sleep well at night because of my toothache.

I treated it with reference to panoramic X-ray photos and symptoms taken a year ago, and even after the first treatment, the toothache disappeared, so I could sleep at night.

What if the dental neurological treatment I received in the current situation is a problem in the early stages of pregnancy?

Don’t tell me you’re in a situation where I have to put off my pregnancy plan during neuro therapy. Currently, only the first treatment is received, and I was told that dental treatment should be visited four to five times every three to four days.

Partial x-rays will be taken to confirm neurological treatment during the treatment process. Does it affect pregnancy?

A: You don’t have to worry about the drugs or disinfectants used in the neurological process. There’s no problem with the pregnancy plan. It’s okay to wear lead and protective gear during X-ray.

Consult your dentist or physician if you have prescription medicine.

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