How to take oral contraceptives It’s useless to take it 7 days after

How to take oral contraceptives It’s useless to take it 7 days after menstruation


Q: A unemployed woman in her mid-20s. I was ignorant and took oral contraceptives from the 7th day after I started menstruation. After taking 18 pills, menstruation began on the third day of the break. Can taking contraceptives again from the start of menstruation have a contraceptive effect? Or should I take medicine 7 days after the break?

A: If you took the medicine on the 7th day after the start of your period, you cannot expect contraceptive effects. To see the effect of oral contraceptives, you must take them within five days of the start of menstruation. If you want to take the medicine again, please take it on a proper date according to your menstrual cycle from next month 비아그라구매

The oral contraceptive medication is simple. You can take one pill a day at a certain time for 21 days from the first day of menstruation. The other 7 days are off.

Two to four days after the suspension, menstruation usually begins. If menstruation does not start after 7 days of rest, you can take the medicine again from the 8th day. If you forgot and didn’t take medicine a day, you can take two eggs within 12 hours. If you wait after eating the whole cycle, your period will begin.

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