Will women’s chlamydia symptoms spread vaginitis

Will women’s chlamydia symptoms spread vaginitis to their families?


Q: A woman in her early 20s. I have sex with my boyfriend almost every day. There are a lot of times when I do outdoor situations for no concerts. I’ve never been pregnant.

My boyfriend likes to drop wax on my body or eat a lot of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Also, I have a slightly perverted temperament, such as begging my face or swearing during a relationship. I use my fingers and tongue to touch my lower limbs every day like a habit.

Perhaps because of that, from some point on, vaginal secretions came out in large quantities and the vaginal itching became severe.

I tried using women’s cleansers and vaginal cleansers, but they didn’t work very well, so I visited the obstetrics and gynecology clinic today for treatment.

The doctor diagnosed it as chlamydia vaginitis. He told me to get treatment with my boyfriend.

I’m currently living with my family, so what is the probability that chlamydia will be transmitted to someone who uses the same toilet?

A: Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria are the cause of sexually transmitted infections. Since it is mainly infected through sex, there is little possibility of transmitting chlamydia vaginitis to the family. You don’t have to worry too much.

In the case of men with chlamydia bacteria, half of them are asymptomatic and may develop urination pain or obitivitis.

In the case of female chlamydia symptoms, she may miss the treatment period because she is often asymptomatic. If not treated as soon as possible, it can lead to cervical inflammation, pelvic inflammation, and infertility, so please be treated diligently with your boyfriend.

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