I think Lee Kang-in is being used for marketing

I think Lee Kang-in is being used for marketing. Concerns over Valencia’s big seniors


Lee Kang-in (20, Valencia) does not seem to work with great helpers, said Valencia’s senior. In order to develop into a better soccer player, he left advice to the effect that he should clean up his surroundings first.

“Felman said that Valencia hopeful Lee Kang-in is receiving bad advice from people around him while receiving attention from Juventus and Sampdoria,” the soccer media “Trival Football” reported on the 5th (Korea time).

Dario Pelman (70), who had an exclusive interview with Trival Football, played for Valencia from 1977 to 1984. He led Valencia to the King’s Cup in 1979.

“I think Lee Kang-in is a very cool player in the long run. However, according to inside sources, he does not seem to be with the best assistants unfortunately. In other words, people who will take charge of non-soccer affairs do not give the best advice for Lee Kang-in. In other words, it can be interpreted that people around them pursue their own interests before Lee Kang-in.

“Lee Kang-in should only think about football,” Pelman said. You have to let others do other things. But he is not enjoying football now. “You can tell by how often he gets angry and often fouls that don’t fit his age 토토사이트

Pelman also argued that Lee should not be used for Asian marketing. “Balensia needs to make sure that Lee Kang-in is a complete footballer and can only play soccer,” Pelman said. Lee Kang-in should be prevented from being used as a marketing tool. “A player is not a machine but a human being,” he said.

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