Introducing foods that are good for the esophagus.

The first food group mentioned is cabbage.

Most people think it’s only good for their stomach health.

You often do, but it’s also good for your esophagus.


L-glutamine contained in cabbage is one amino acid,

that surrounds the inside of the esophagus, stomach, intestine, and colon.

It nourishes epithelial cells to protect mucous membranes.

It is known as a helpful food.

Helps restore and regenerate from inflammation and damage.

It is known to help improve symptoms.


You can use cabbage-boiled water or steamed cabbage.

Eating helps, and one or two glasses of cabbage juice on an empty stomach.

Drinking is also helpful.

Broccoli is also known as the world’s superfoods.

It is known to help prevent cancer by helping to fight cancer.

In addition to cancer, broccoli helps improve immunity.

It’s good for your esophagus. There’s a lot of fiber.

Not only does vitamin U help the bowel health, but it’s also good.

It contains a large amount of Helicobacter pylori that causes gastric ulcers.

It protects your digestive system with inhibiting Sulphorafane.

Broccoli should be slightly blanched rather than raw.

It’s more helpful and a light salad is also helpful.

If chewing is uncomfortable, blanch it slightly.

It’s helpful to grind it and drink it in the form of juice.

Grinding it with cabbage is also helpful.

It is known and is widely used for detoxification juice.

Tomatoes are also known to be helpful for stomach and esophagus.

It is more known to make you look younger due to antioxidant effects.

Tomatoes have acid in their stomach that is sour.

It calms down various inflammation and symptoms.

It helps strengthen gastrointestinal functions as well as esophagus.


Usually we eat tomatoes in sugar as raw,

This can lead to more sugar than good ingredients.

If possible, it is recommended to cook and drink slowly with juice.

It’s hard for the fire extinguisher to serve breakfast as a substitute.

It’s also known as an excellent diet.

It also helps prevent cancer, so it’s not high in calories and it’s full.

It is also used as a diet food.

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