Hip pain common in women, how to prevent

causes of hip pain
There are many causes of hip pain in women rather than men. Arthritis, hip fracture and tear, muscle stiffness, hip dislocation, and degenerative hip inflammation can damage bone tissue. Also, fracture causes right hip pain and left hip pain, most of which occur in older patients with osteoporosis and accompany joint pain. In some cases, the hip joint may break due to trauma, such as walking on the road or walking on the road, causing hip pain. Joint pain can also be seen in people with jobs that stand all day, and poor posture for long periods of time can also cause hip pain. Tests on hip pain causes are conducted with ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.

How do you prevent hip pain?
It is important to maintain proper weight in ways to prevent hip pain. Being overweight can strain the hip joints that support your weight, so you should lose weight so that you don’t strain your joints through diet and exercise. Steady stretching also strengthens the muscles around the hip, preventing hip damage and pain. However, excessive exercise can cause hip damage, so focus on aerobic exercise such as swimming and yoga. Positions such as twisting legs, standing crooked or squatting can also strain the hip joint pain. Therefore, you should constantly practice walking and sitting in the right position to prevent your pelvis from turning upside down.

To keep your bones healthy, you should constantly eat foods that are good for your hip joints and osteoporosis. Eating loach can give you a significant percentage of the recommended daily calcium intake. Food good for osteoporosis Loach helps increase bone density and reduce the frequency of fractures, and it is rich in vitamin D, which helps bone health. In addition, dairy products such as milk and cheese are also helpful for bones. You’d better avoid soda or coffee.

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