Manchester City’s top prospect → Will he be the second Rashford

Manchester City’s top prospect → Will he be the second Rashford, the McNeil Manchester United Youth?


Prospective Charlie McNeill (17), who has been active since moving from Manchester City to Manchester United, is drawing attention as the “second Marcus Rashford.”

Manchester United has produced numerous stars. Under the leadership of Alex Ferguson, Youth was systematically managed, and countless players including Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Paul Scholes were pouring in. Based on this, Manchester United became the best team in the world beyond the English Premier League (EPL) 토토사이트

Youths have rarely grown for a while, but they are recently listed again in the first group. Now, Manchester United goal youth Marcus Rashford, who took off as a perfect starting pitcher, made his debut in the first team of Manchester United in his late teens in the 2015-16 season and quickly grew to play 238 games, scoring 81 goals and 48 assists. He is also consistently on board the England national team.

There are many youth players in the first group, including Rashford. These include Jesse Lingard, Dean Henderson, Brandon Williams, Mason Greenwood, Axel Tunis and Timothy Fosumen. From the past to the present, Manchester United has been the mainstay of Manchester United.

Recently, a new prospect has emerged. It’s McNeil. McNeal was a member of the Manchester United Youth Academy when he was a child, but he moved to Manchester City Youth in 2014. He showed outstanding potential in Manchester City and played second only to Jayden Sancho. According to the Manchester Evening News, McNeal scored a total of 600 goals on the youth stage, including 110 goals in 72 U-15 league matches.

McNeill refused to sign a new contract for Manchester City, although he was speculated to continue playing for Manchester City. Juventus, Leipzig, approached McNeil. McNeal chose to return to Manchester United. Returning McNeill has continued to perform overwhelmingly. He played eight games for the under-18 team this season and scored six goals.

With McNeal’s remarkable performance, Manchester United is evaluating Rashford as the next item. In other words, it has become a second rash pod from the second reef. Attention is focusing on whether McNeill will succeed Manchester United Youth’s success story line.

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