My eyes keep getting swollen I get bloated often when I wake up

My eyes keep getting swollen I get bloated often when I wake up in the morning


Q: A woman in her late 30s. When I wake up in the morning, my eyes are swollen. My eyes keep on getting swollen these days.

Breakfast and lunch are regularly served at a fixed time. Dinner is irregular, but I don’t eat after 9 p.m.

I rarely exercise. I’m tired because I have a lot of work at work and I’m a little lazy. Even when I have a relationship with my boyfriend, I lie still like a wooden stone.

My face is pale and haggard. At night, I feel bloated and the smell of farts is severe. Fortunately, I don’t have constipation.

I think you can quit smoking, exercise regularly, and sleep well, but I’m worried if you’re still developing the disease.

A: If only the eyelids are swollen locally, it can occur if you rub your eyes frequently due to conjunctivitis or allergies. Or, edema may have appeared due to kidney, heart disease, or cirrhosis.

Considering that he is always tired, pale, and haggard due to a lot of work, I think his eyelids are swollen due to excessive overwork due to his very irregular life.

If these symptoms or signs are accompanied, such as shortness of breath or swelling in your hands and feet, it is recommended to check for organ diseases such as kidney, liver, heart, and thyroid disease, as well as lymphadenosis. If edema occurs frequently and you feel uncomfortable in your life, visit a nearby hospital for treatment.

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