The aftereffects after vitrectomy (side effects)

The aftereffects after vitrectomy (side effects)


Q: A woman in her late 40s. Five months ago, I underwent vitrectomy and cataract surgery together with macular wrinkles.

When I said I couldn’t recover my eyesight even after the surgery, the doctor asked me why I had the surgery. I urgently received it because they told me to set a date for the surgery as soon as possible that it would explode if I didn’t do it, but it was very ridiculous.

I heard that the macula, which lasted for more than three months, has a fixed scar, so I don’t have to operate. Did I get the surgery wrong?

I expected to see well because I had cataract surgery together, but I can’t even see before surgery. The hospital says let’s keep an eye on the progress because it’s hard to recover. Originally, I lived with only one eye, but it is difficult to live a normal life because of surgery in that eye.

How long will your eyesight recover? There might be people who can’t find normal vision after surgery, right? How much is it? They say I can’t wear glasses, but why can’t I?

If you look at the handwriting after surgery, you can see a part of it cut a little. At first, the doctor says that he will recover in six months, but keeps reversing that he will not get better until two years later. I’m curious about the cause. Will it get better?

I wonder if the retina was damaged due to vitrectomy, or if there was another abnormality in the retina, so my eyesight could not be recovered. The hospital only says it was a successful operation, but avoids detailed consultation.

A: It appears that he underwent vitreous resection due to macular wrinkles following the retina. The presence of macular wrinkles does not necessarily mean that surgery is performed. When vision continues to deteriorate due to macular wrinkles, and corrected vision falls below a certain level of vision, it is usually the standard for surgery.

It seems that the surgery was performed according to these standards. Just because the macular wrinkles are more than 3 months does not mean that you don’t have to perform surgery 비아그라 파는곳

Most of them have better eyesight than before surgery, but surgery on macular wrinkles does not improve vision in all cases than before surgery.

The fact that the letters look cut or bent is caused by some damage caused by macular wrinkles in the macula. It gets better over time, but there may not be much change.

Once the doctor in charge said the surgery was successful, please wait a little bit. If you have any other problems, you will undergo reoperation or additional treatment.

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