Park Se-jin

Park Se-jin, a ‘one-shot instructor,’ said, “I’m a teacher, but I’m dyslexic…

Park Se-jin, a ‘one-shot instructor,’ said, “I’m a teacher, but I’m dyslexic…Five times a day’s medication” (“Advanced Sisters”)

Park Se-jin

Park Se-jin, who has risen to the position of a star instructor, visits, although even her daily life requires efforts in “Advanced Sisters.”

In the Channel S entertainment program “Advanced Sisters,” which will air on the 14th, English instructor and content creator Park Se-jin will convey her concerns to Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-ran and Kim Ho-young.

Park Sejin said, “In fact, I have an illness. “It’s ADHD, but I can’t concentrate and I feel like I’m constantly scratching my ears with a pencil,” he confessed, saying, “I’ve been branded a ‘social misfit’ since before elementary school.”

Park Mi-sun, who was sad, asked, “How is the current state?” Park Se-jin explained the symptoms, saying, “I have no concept of time, work, or order as a member of society,” adding, “Now I’m better with medication, but I repeat the thought of hurting myself, ‘I’m an ugly person’ and ‘I’m worthless person.”

Park Sejin continued, “I’m a teacher, and I even have dyslexia. It takes two or three times as long to read quickly. I have to work, so I take several drugs five times a day,” he adds.

It raises questions about how much effort it would have taken Park Se-jin to live her daily life and how she would have overcome her penalty until she became a one-shot instructor.

Even in dramas these days, a drama starring actor Jeon Do-yeon named Ilta Scandal is a hot topic. Maybe that’s why… I think this entertainment program is getting more and more attention.

Fans are paying keen attention to what they will show in this program.

“Advanced Sisters” will air at 8:20 p.m. on the 14th.

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