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Yoo Jaeseok, Hwa Sa, and Junho’s 150 Billion War…This summer

Yoo Jaeseok, Hwa Sa, and Junho’s 150 Billion War…This summer, “Hot Bibimmyeon.”

Yoo Jae-seok

A hot Bibimmyeon war was also predicted this summer. With Paldo maintaining its No. 1 spot in the market with “Paldo Bibimmyeon,” Nongshim and Ottogi are closely following suit, featuring well-known celebrities as models. Amid the stagnant domestic ramen market, Bibimmyeon is expected to emerge as a new battleground as it continues to grow alone.

According to the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT) on the 13th, the Bibimmyeon market reached 150 billion won last year. This is nearly double the 75.7 billion won in 2015. Considering that the total ramen market grew 20% from 1.8 trillion won to 2.15 trillion won during the same period, the Bibimmyeon market is running fast.

Competition has also intensified. According to market research firm Nielsen, Paldo accounted for 53.3% of the domestic bibimmyeon market last year. Paldo Bibim-myeon once had a 60% market share, but its competitors such as Ottogi “Jin Bibim-myeon” and Nongshim “Bae Hong-dong” increased. Bae Hong-dong (19.1%) of Nongshim came in second, and Jin Bibim-myeon (11.4%) of Ottogi came in third. Bae Hong-dong is widening the gap after beating Jin Bibim-myeon in second place right after its release in 2020.

In response, Paldo plans to select actor Lee Joon-ho as a model for Paldo Bibim-myeon this year as well as last year and to “protect the house rabbit.” Paldo Bibimmyeon, which was closely followed, succeeded in gaining 50% market share by surpassing 70 billion won in annual sales last year thanks to the popularity of “Paldo Bibimmyeon 1.2,” which doubled the effect and weight of Lee Joon-ho’s fandom. “We plan to carry out various marketing activities starting with a new commercial with Lee Joon-ho,” said Han Chang-min, head of the BMW team in Paldo-myeon. 파워볼밸런스

Nongshim will also challenge to become the No. 1 Bibimmyeon market this year with model Yoo Jaeseok at the forefront. To this end, Yoo Jaeseok was selected as an advertising model for Bae Hong-dong for three consecutive years, and began marketing activities by releasing advertisements from this month. No. 3 Ottogi selected Hwasa of girl group Mamamoo as the new model for Jin Bibimmyeon. An official from Ottogi explained, “We will select Hwa Sa as a new model for Jin Bibimmyeon to more effectively convey the differentiation of the product in the competitive Bibimmyeon market.”

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