Precautions after laser scar surgery What about pinhole cell laser

Precautions after laser scar surgery


What about pinhole cell laser surgery? Burn scars are being applied to skin grafts She has a burn scar, and she’s got a skin graft, and she’s got a severe scar, so the burn patients, the skin grafted patients, can come to the hospital From now on, I won’t tell you how to treat it

I use CO2 laser There’s a characteristic. The tissue contains moisture When the laser is introduced, the skin gets burnt, there’s no moisture, and then the rest becomes dust and flies away

How do you use it? There’s a scar If there’s a scar, I make a hole in the top one by one I spend a lot of time touching holes with my laser, and even if I’m trying to do a little interview, it takes a lot of time if I slowly listen to the holes one by one

There’s a hole. It’s a hole. It’s a hole. It’s a hole. It’s a hole. It’s probably all wrong. It’s not the same person every day The same person is different every time. What it means is that the hospital usually treats you about 12 times, and you don’t have any preconceptions about the patient every dawn, and every time you have it, it’s a new way, it’s a poison 비아그라 효능

Every time I try to get laser surgery with a certain mind, I’m focusing on the treatment and performing surgery with a fresh mind for the first time today There’s one thing I want to tell you. How can I take care of it after the hard treatment at the hospital? It has a system in the hospital I trained all the lawyers in the hospital

How do you monitor education on a patient? Make a happy call on the phone and ask him about his condition The nurses will tell you what may be wrong After hearing that, I decided on the direction of treatment

Second, it’s moisturizing I can say that I’m applying moisturizer so that my skin doesn’t get dry Avoid the sun and don’t know much about moisturizers It’s going to be a good education for the staff. Among the things that you do, Koreans drink more often, so you need to refrain from drinking That’s what I’m You’d better not drink If you have been treated at a hospital after laser treatment, be careful with alcohol consumption

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