Rocketman Clemens’ son’s maximum speed of 79.9 kilometers

Rocketman Clemens’ son’s maximum speed of 79.9 kilometers


“Clement” stood on the mound of the Detroit Tigers.

The story is not about Roger Clemens (60), the “legend” of Major League Baseball, but his son Cody Clemens (26, Detroit).

Cody started the game against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan on the 16th (Korea Standard Time).

Cody, who was silent with no hits at-bat, took the mound instead of pitchers in the eighth inning when his team was being dragged 0-11. Detroit coach AJ Hinch chose Cody, Clemens’ son, as he chose to take the field to save the pitcher.

Cody’s father, Clemens, is a legendary pitcher called “Rocket Man.” He played 709 games in the big leagues, recording 354 wins, 184 losses, and a 3.12 ERA, and struck out 4,672. The Cy Young Award, which is given to the best pitcher in Major League Baseball, has been awarded seven times.

Three of his four sons played baseball with their father. Unlike their fathers, all three chose the path of the beast, but the first and third did not achieve their dream of becoming a big leaguer.

The youngest son Cody made his big league debut on the 1st and announced the birth of a “rich major leaguer,” followed by his father as a pitcher on the same day.

As soon as he took the mound, Cody, who allowed one run due to consecutive hits, gave up another hit and a walk, and was driven to the full base with two outs. However, he induced a grounder to AJ Pollock and finished the eighth inning without any additional runs.

He completed his mission well, but there was no fastball that his father showed during his active career. Hinch also explained, “I told Cody to throw as slow a ball as possible.”

MLB Dotcom quoted Statcast as saying that Cody’s maximum speed was 49.7 miles (about 79.9 kilometers). Statcast categorized his pitches as sliders and curves only.

After taking the mound, Cody moved to left field in the ninth inning and finished the game.

Detroit, meanwhile, set up catcher Tucker Barnhart on the mound in the ninth inning, trailing 0-12. The game, which started as a pitcher, ended with an infielder coordinator and a catcher half-heart 파워볼사이트

MLB Dotcom pointed out, “Detroit has hired three players in the mound for the first time in the club’s history.”

Detroit lost 0-13.

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