Son Naeun

Son Naeun left Apink and went to YG. She has no hesitation

Son Naeun left Apink and went to YG. She has no hesitation. She wants to show off her bare face

Son Naeun

Son Na-eun proved her gorgeous beauty.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Son Na-eun, an actress from the group Apink, posted a video on her Instagram story.

In the released video, Son Na-eun is leaving her face in a bare face where she can hardly feel the makeup. He has a fresh smile, pinning both sides.

Son Na-eun, who boasts of her unrivaled beauty even in her natural daily life. Fans are also impressed.

Meanwhile, Son Na-eun has confirmed her appearance in JTBC’s new drama “The Great Event” (tentative title). “The Agency” is an elegant office drama that depicts an orphan who became a female executive for the first time as an advertising agency for a large company, creating her career beyond the first to the best position.

Son Na-eun also recently decided to withdraw from Apink.

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