Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, you’re breaking up with a friend …

Selena Gomez, you’re breaking up with a friend who gave you a kidney transplant?

Selena Gomez

Pop star Selena Gomez responded to rumors that she had ended her relationship with a friend who had transplanted her kidney while battling lupus disease.

Many foreign media, including the Daily Mail, reported on the 7th (local time) that Selena was embroiled in rumors of discord with her friend Francia Lysa, who had transplanted her kidney.

Earlier, actress Francis Lysa said in a documentary about Selena’s struggle, “I don’t get along well with celebrities. “My only friend in the industry is Taylor Swift,” he commented on an SNS post that said, “It’s interesting.”

Francis Raisa gained fame by appearing in works such as “Secret Life of American Teenager” and is well known for his friendship with Selena Gomez for more than a decade. He donated one kidney to Selena Gomez, who was battling lupus disease in 2017, and it became a hot topic when it was belatedly revealed.

Selena expressed her discomfort at calling Taylor Swift her “only friend.” As the comment drew attention, Francia Lysa unfollowed Selena Gomez’s SNS following the deletion of her comment, and speculation spread online that the two had ended their relationship.

As the controversy spread, Selena responded through SNS, saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t mention everyone I knew.”

Earlier, rumors of discord between the two were raised once in 2019. Selena Gomez was not only drinking after the kidney transplant surgery, but also neglected to take care of her body, and her relationship with Francia Lysa went wrong. Since then, the two have reconciled in 2021, but they have once again been embroiled in rumors of discord.

Meanwhile, Selena recently unveiled her battle against lupus disease in 2014 through the Apple TV+ documentary film Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.

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