Shin Bong Sun moved into one you left a magnificent house next to km

Shin Bong Sun moved into one you left a magnificent house next to km.


Shin Bong Sun in the public discourse the accusing injeungsyat

The gag umeon bammot day to their Instagram is Shin Bong Sun ” Board from the morning isannal udangtangtang set up ” Since the morning and evening from my aunt and that eating …Moving day soie nice of you … who will be able to eat warm jippapIt’s get the pick-me-up Woo-jin …Have a good body, belongings in a car hwonine a …Very warm in the downtown neighborhood …Be affluent, leave less.

Following so nice to you …Propitious clouds, too … to moved to a distance of only one kmI thank you for know a warm feeling in the neighborhood.
I’ll often screwdrivers, yot Thank you.Now … this sweet jelly of red beans, where you and I to conquer this place …Ready yet …After even if I land on the day of revealed to me Oh matta, director, sinyanggaengWattan’t bring … a carSweet jelly of red beans don’t care if it give Ken the manager posted a picture of a piece of wisdom thanks along with the words, my brother.

Shin Bong Sun in the picture is made public and leave the Board of Directors be leaving that showed the dogs and injeungsyat 강남여성전용마사지

Shin Bong Sun, meanwhile, is currently mbc of as a panel of judges in ‘King bongmyeonga’ entertainment programs.Also, in the arts ‘goal to hit women’ program, sbs gaebenjyeoseu team and the captain of the performance.

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