You want me to take Zolofut 50mg withdrawal fluoroxetine

You want me to take Zolofut 50mg withdrawal fluoroxetine for a month?


Q: A 20-year-old man. I started treatment because I was suffering from Dr. Kang’s high school since I was a senior in high school.

My symptoms are anxiety and negative thoughts. I’m worried in advance.

Medication started when I graduated from high school.

At first, I took 50mg of Zolofut, but later I took 3 pills once a day.

I sleep at night a few weeks ago and wake up after an hour. After that, I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up all night. I think it was because of the medicine, so I often skipped 50mg of Zolofut tablets. I can sleep well when I don’t eat.

I consulted with my doctor to stop taking medicine. I’m going to control Dr. Kang by myself. The doctor told me to give it a try. I didn’t take the medicine consistently, but I said I can stop taking it at once because I’ve been eating and not taking it recently.

After a day after I stopped taking medicine, my head felt dizzy and nauseous. Like I’m getting motion sickness. I could hear the clock in my head. It was painful.

I spent three days thinking it was just withdrawal. Symptoms of dizziness and nausea like motion sickness have not improved. Finally, I took medicine again yesterday.

My head is still a bit messy. I feel like throwing up. Fortunately, there is no sound of clock hands. I have a lot of Zolofutjeong left at home, what should I do? I want to stop taking medicine and live like others.

A: Sometimes withdrawal occurs when you stop taking Zolofut tablets. Symptoms usually occur for three weeks after taking off the medication. It’s normal to feel better on your own before then. It rarely lasts more than 6 weeks.

If withdrawal symptoms are unbearable, take long fluoroxetine (prozac) instead of zoloput tablets.

If you take it for a month and stop, it will be easier to stop. It’s better to hang up after consulting your doctor.

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