Skin transplant side effects itching The side effects

Skin transplant side effects itching


The side effects of skin transplantation keep getting worse, so I treated it as a patient’s point of view, and the side effects and the worst situation went to the worst place, so this patient came with a heart of pain I’ll give you a scar with a side effect like this

These people get a lot of treatment while working When you do laser surgery, if you drill a hole, your blood vessels burst every time it came, so you have to support it and do laser surgery

I specifically asked the patient Since he’s a man, please be careful not to drink Second, I can say it’s healing It came out well this time in two months. A lot of nurses came in this time and stopped bleeding. I did it for more than 30 minutes

It looks like more than 50% is missing It’s not neurological He’s bleeding a lot, so he’s got a lot of wisdom down there He said it was itchy if you were still in a bad condition If you watch it, it doesn’t get that much better, so I asked you to do it

I’ve been on my way to scarring until the first year of my injury. I’ve started treatment because I don’t have it, and I’ve started treatment, and I’ve improved, but the sixth time I’m not confident in treatment, and I’m done with it I’ve only got frostbite skin left, and I’ve been drilling with a laser, and I’ve been saying that through the healing process of the wound, collagen is created anew, leading to a process that’s similar to normal collagen The induction process went well, so it only got better

Now, we’ve done the treatment in a stable manner, so we’ve pulled a big stream of water, and we’ve got a whole lot of good things left to do, and I can only say that we’re treating it once in a while 정품시알리스

I emphasize it again It’s not about how important it is to have a regeneration treatment every six months, and the chubby ones are gone

The color got a lot better. Wow, it’s similar to normal skin now. It’s weird. Except for the red color, everything has gotten better until now He’s a patient who’s completely cured of neurological symptoms, emphasizing the importance of coming out every six months to regenerate after treatment The itchiness disappeared

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