Tongue pain under the tongue I’m a woman in my early 30s

Tongue pain under the tongue


Q: I’m a woman in my early 30s. There’s a bump under the tongue. I don’t know when it was made. A gray liquid comes out of there from a few days ago. It just looks like saliva, but I’m not sure exactly. I also have pain under my tongue. It hurts when I stick out my tongue.

A: It looks like a simple papillary proliferation under the tongue. The gray liquid appears to have grown, so it doesn’t seem to have grown. The area under the tongue is where salivary gland-related diseases such as hippoma and mucus occur frequently.

I think it would be good to visit a university hospital and get a biopsy. For simple proliferation, it can be removed by laser or incision. If it’s a different disease, you can get additional treatment.

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