When I look at the light (including fluorescent lights), my eyes hurt and I cry

When I look at the light (including fluorescent lights), my eyes hurt and I cry


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. It hurts more when you see bright lights, including fluorescent lamps, from 15 days ago and when you see lights that shine like Christmas trees.

From two or three days ago, you can feel a little foreign body in your eyes. There is no congestion in the eyes, and it feels like my eyesight has decreased a little. When I look at the sunlight, it hurts a lot and tears.

He visited the hospital for MRI and CT scans, and after injecting drugs into his eyes, his pupils were enlarged and examined with a microscope, but there was no abnormality. I want to get another thorough examination, which department should I go to get medical treatment?

A: If you heard that there was no abnormality after undergoing MRI, CT, and pupil enlargement tests, I don’t think there would be any problems such as retina, conjunctiva, and optic nerve.

Looking at the light, most of the symptoms of pain appear when there is an abnormality in the corneal epithelium as dry eyes worsen.

Especially in winter, the temperature and humidity are relatively low, which can lead to more evaporation of tears, which can worsen symptoms. First of all, it is necessary to consider artificial tear eye drops or ointment, and if it is not effective, it is necessary to receive accumulated occlusion or restasis immunotherapy 정품비아그라

Please visit a nearby ophthalmologist for another examination of your eye condition and receive detailed explanations and treatment.

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