White lump in the reason why it’s cold

White lump in the reason why it’s cold.


Cold is a white lump that comes out of the vagina. There are brown nengmyun coming out of course. The reason for coldness varies from person to person. There are three main types. ovulation mucus from ovulation, mucus from sexual arousal, secretion from inflammation, etc.

If inflammation causes frequent coldness, treatment is necessary. If left unattended, vaginitis can develop into cervical cancer or lead to pelvic inflammation. Chronic inflammation after a long period of time causes poor treatment and recurrence easily.

Excluding ovulation, ovulation mucus does not come out. Also, no secretions are produced unless you are in a state of sexual arousal, so cold can be easily recognized.

There are many women who just watch because they think of the cold caused by inflammation lightly. It’s not the right thing to do 비아그라구매

Vaginitis can be easily cured if treated early on. As long as it is left unattended for a long time, the treatment period becomes longer. Know the cause of cold discharge and get proper treatment.

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