Diabetes Management Diet We’re going to talk

Diabetes Management Diet


We’re going to talk about diabetes Our body has various hormones to use glucose as energy On the other hand, the hormones aren’t cold, so there’s only one kind of insulin in the world that stores nutrients When insulin, the only hormone in the world, is in trouble, and it’s not produced well, or it’s not functioning well because of a variety of acquired me, blood sugar rises, which causes the packaging to go out of the urine

This condition is called diabetes The number of diabetic patients in Korea is steadily increasing as the economy develops and lifestyle becomes westernized If you put it up, when the glucose escapes to the urine, it takes out your breath, so the amount of urine goes in As a result, there are three symptoms that occur when the body lacks moisture, so you drink a lot of water and go around and pee a lot and eat a lot of food again

In addition, nutrients are not used by the body, so you feel tired easily, and even though you eat well, you gain weight, but if your blood sugar is not very high, most people don’t feel any special symptoms Diabetes is a more complicated disease than itself, so all diabetics need active lifestyle improvement exercise proper medication from the beginning of pathological diagnosis The most important feature for diabetics is the number of glycated hemoglobin

If it is determined that it is difficult to improve lifestyle habits or exercise blood sugar control, try to control blood sugar alone with a primary drug, and if the goal is not reached, diabetes is controlled with a secondary drug with a different mechanism of action If blood sugar control is not good even after using this medicine, I will check my lifestyle, check if I am taking the medicine well, and consider using the medicine and Naju photo insulin injection

And in this case of a short-circuit stop, you’re going to use insulin injections It’s very important I can’t apply the law to a patient It is necessary to develop and manage individualized plans according to personal preferences in the condition of patients with Mopyeong Even if you take it, it doesn’t increase your blood sugar level much, and it’s important to choose and not overeat to control the amount The first thing diabetics offer is to drink less mixed coffee, fruit juice, and reduce carbohydrates

Steady exercise helps people with diabetes lower their blood sugar levels by allowing glucose to be used well and insulin to work well It is also known to prevent diabetes and reduce complications Diabetes patients are at risk of hypoglycemia during pre-dinner exercise, and their blood sugar is usually high after eating, so it is recommended to do about an hour of exercise

Light types of aerobic exercise, such as walking or jogging, are helpful Muscle exercise has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics In particular, building back muscles through iron bars and building hip or thigh muscles through squats can also help control blood sugar 비아그라 판매

If you experience hypoglycemia such as dizziness, lethargy, or cold sweat during exercise when you go around, don’t be scared and reduce your exercise intensity or number of hours and eat candy or chocolate If this persists, you may want to consult your doctor to reduce the dosage

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