Right hip pain Neuromyosis (neuromatopathy)

Right hip pain Neuromyosis (neuromatopathy)


Q: I’m a woman in my early 40s. I came out of the aquarium a year and a half ago and sat down and stood up, and I felt pain in my right hip.

I went to the hospital and they said my muscles were stiff. When I took a body heat test, my right hip turned out to be blue.

I got acupuncture treatment, but I didn’t go to the hospital because it was too expensive. I thought muscle mass would improve itself over time.

Since then, the pain has gone away, but I get hip pain every time I lift my lower back. When sitting in a chair, it’s uncomfortable to sit for a long time because of a sore hip. It hurts even when I walk for more than an hour. I got acupuncture but it didn’t heal.

I went to another oriental clinic and they said it looked like a disc. I got 10 stings on my waist. I’ve been hiking and exercising hard every day, but the pain still lingers. How can I get rid of the pain?

A: There is a possibility of disc-dependent neuropathy. It looks like a back examination is needed.

I recommend you to take an MRI. If you’re burdened with the cost, you should at least take a muscle test. The best way to diagnose is to visit a orthopedic surgeon nearby and take an MRI or go to a rehabilitation medicine department and get an MRI and a myocardiogram test 비아그라 판매

There must be a cause for the long-lasting pain in the right hip. You should get an examination as soon as possible.

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