Symptoms of photolithiasis: It’s shiny in front of my eyes

Symptoms of photolithiasis: It’s shiny in front of my eyes (glow in front of my eyes


Q: A woman in her early 30s. From a long time ago, symptoms of intermittent glare in front of your eyes have probably. I can see something like light in my eyes.

At first, a small twinkle like a needle appears in the center of view. Since then, the sparkle gradually grows into an irregular circle and spreads to the edge of the eye. It progresses like this for about 30 minutes and then disappears out of sight. In the meantime, the view is not clear, so I close my eyes for a while and wait. Even if you close one eye or two eyes, the phenomenon does not disappear. I’m not sick or dizzy, I’m just uncomfortable for about 30 minutes.

A: Migraine precursor symptoms usually have many eye symptoms. It can appear in a wide variety of forms. The twinkle of the light and then getting bigger are common symptoms in migraine bulbs. In some cases, only eye symptoms appear without migraines. It is not an eye disease, but it is known to be caused by a short circuit in the neurotransmitter system.

If there is no other inconvenience, you can just stay. There is no special treatment 정품비아그라

There is a buffer called a vitreous body in the eyeball. When it falls off the retinal surface or becomes lumpy and begins to be visible in front of you, it becomes an epidural disease, and when a lump of vitreous body hits the retinal surface and flashes, it appears as photolithiasis. Rarely, there is a possibility that it may be a precursor to perforation or retinal detachment around the retina, so visit a nearby ophthalmologist for a shunt.

Photolithiasis refers to symptoms of light (scintillation) in front of your eyes. If the symptoms of inscription or photolithiasis suddenly become severe, or if vision impairment appears as if covered by curtains or clouds in front of you, it may be a precursor to an abnormality in the retina. In this case, eye care is essential.

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