drink coffee

It feels refreshing to drink coffee after a meal?

It feels refreshing to drink coffee after a meal? It could cause chronic blood…

drink coffee

There are many cases of drinking coffee to enjoy a short break after eating. In particular, drinking iced Americano is also a unique culture for Koreans.

Drinking coffee immediately after meals increases the risk of exposure to chronic fatigue. Tannins and caffeine in coffee interfere with iron absorption. Coffee with diuretic effects releases iron into urine, which can lead to chronic fatigue and anemia. If the body lacks iron, it is easy to feel tired due to poor metabolism and poor concentration.

The New York Times also reported that drinking coffee with meals or right after meals can make your body more tired. A U.S. research team conducted an experiment on people who drank coffee with meals and found that their iron absorption decreased by about 35 percent. The reason is that tannins in coffee interfere with iron absorption.

Drink coffee right after a meal can interfere with the activity of the esophageal sphincter, which can lead to excessive secretion of gastric acid and reflux esophagitis. Symptoms of reflux esophagitis are new. It includes heartburn and chest pain.

Americano is made by adding warm water to one cup of espresso (1 ounce, about 30ml), but iced Americano is made by adding cold water and ice to two cups of espresso. Compared to Americano, Iced Americano is thicker and contains more caffeine and tannins.

Coffee is recommended 30 minutes after meals. This is because drinking coffee after the food is absorbed from the stomach for 30 minutes can be less affected by tannin.

Usually, a cup of coffee contains 100mg of caffeine. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recommends that the caffeine content per adult should not exceed 400 mg and pregnant women should not exceed 300 mg.

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